About BeerGraphs

BeerGraphs aims to further our knowledge about beer. For the most part, our writers will be using statistical analysis to investigate the trends, biases, quirks and possibilities hidden within our enjoyment of this great adult soda. But we will also try to cover the beer community, uncover interesting new beers, discuss the chemistry of brewing, and celebrate the role these suds have in our lives. We hope you enjoy our leaderboards as well as our blogs, as we all glug beer together.

About Eno Sarris

Eno Sarris once drank Stella Artois and Tecate regularly while growing tired of writing three-word sentences for four-year-olds at his day job. He began trying new beers on the weekends and writing about baseball at night. Now he's a member of the Baseball Writers' Association, a professional baseball journalist and blog manager at FanGraphs.com, and a testament to the power of drinking better beer.

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Matt Dennewitz

Matt is a career hacker/tinkerer consumed by a love of baseball, music, and beer. He strives to push code that makes the web a better, more beautiful place. Matt leads engineering efforts at Pitchfork, where he does just that while indulging in said vices. When not pushing text around a glowing screen, Matt can be found in Chicago shooting pool and whiskey with his wife, Melissa.

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