Beer Things That Make Me Want to Say No

Eno Sarris, June 01, 2016 -   

Here are some Beer Things That Make Me Want to Say No. 

Soda Stream is creating a system that will allow you to make beer at home by combining soda and an alcohol concentrate to create what they promise will taste like authentic beer. 


Sound Brewery is releasing a Mortal Kombat X inspired series of beers.


Budweiser is putting America on their cans for some reason


This is a real-life label of a real-life beer. 


Good God who had this idea. 


Craft beer sales are slowing, but it's mostly big little craft breweries

(Scarcastic) No.

Lady beers for ladies brewed by ladies? What makes a beer for ladies and not for men? What are you putting in that thing? 


Otra Vez wins gose-tasting session. 


Bar owner mad that Oskar Blues wants to open a 43-tap mega bar near him? And this isn't about added competition or anything, right? 


This has been Beer Things That Make Me Want to Say No. 

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