Alcohol by volume.


BAR25 is the sum of the Beers Above Replacement scores for the top 25% of a brewery's beers.

Beers Above Replacement (BAR)

Beers Above Replacement is BeerGraphs' proprietary measure of a beer's quality. By indexing a beer to its style, we hope to help lovers of all styles see their favorite beers well-represented. We also try to reward the beers that are most-oft drunk for their popularity. Here's our primer.

BAR Range % of Population Descriptor
10+ 0.10% Hall-of-Famer
8 to 10 0.40% MVP
6 to 8 1.10% All Star
4 to 6 4.70% Very Good
2 to 4 18.60% Above Average
0 to 2 45.70% Useful to Average
Below 0 29.40% Not Good

International Bittering Units. IBU is supposedly a measure of how bitter the beer is, but it's not without controversy. Read more here.

Replacement Level Beer

A replacement level beer is the worst-rated beer in the top 70% by volume in that beer's style. All other beers from that style are judged against the replacement level beer, as it's supposed to represent the lowest common denominator, the worst beer that's available to all of us.


Solid% is the measure of how likely any given beer from a brewery is to be above-average. For example, a Solid% of 50% means that 50% of the brewery's output is above average. This is calculated using Style+.


Solid is a measure of how likely you are to get a great beer from a given brewery. By taking the distance from the mean for the average beer, and then multiplying that distance by the mean, we get a measure of how good the average beer is and how likely the average beer is to be close to that quality. We put it on a scale of 0-100 to make it easier to understand.


Style+ is just a beer's rating compared to beers in its style. There are no considerations made for quantity in Style+, so the smallest beers will go up against more popular beers with this statistic, but it is a way to find interesting lesser-known beers.