Last Weekend's Beer, Today

Eno Sarris, July 11, 2016

Here I sit, sweaty and pained, remembering last Friday night, when I so eagerly packed my bags for San Diego and Chicago, and though of all the fun I would have. Here I sit, suffering from some sort of flu-like malady, hoping like mad I'll be fine for the BeerGraphs/FanGraphs meetup this Thursday in Chicago, and Pitchfork Music Fest after that. Here I sit after a day of sweating my way through work, trying to be excited about beers I had before this fugue descended on me. 

I'll do my best. 

The Brew Kettle White Rajah IPA
Thirsty Dog Citra Dog IPA
Great Lakes Chillwave DIPA

I wonder how old the White Rajah was. To me, it was malty with some citrus and floral notes, but I didn't get much tropical from it, which I was supposed to, I think. I couldn't find a date. I couldn't decide if it was my failure of the distributor's or the retailer's or the brewer's. I shouldn't have rated it. 

Now the Citra Dog I liked. I was surprised by it, hadn't heard much buzz about it. I got some of that standard Citra melon, but somehow it turned to tangerine in this one. Just a bright, fresh, tangerine IPA that I would soiff again. Dunno if I'd trade for it, but I would reach for it in a bar for sure. 

The Chillwave was the best of the Ohio minipack I had Thursday night. I like Great Lakes' Edmund Fitzgerald porter a lot, but hadn't had an IPA from them that blew me away. This one pretty much did. It was a big thick DIPA, bordeing on syrupy, but it wasn't malty, and the tropical hops busted right through the syrup. I bet this amazing on tap, where the nose gets amped up and the hops can really shine. I dug this beer. Thanks for sending it! 

El Segundo The Golden Kiwi Pale Ale
New England Brewing G-Bot DIPA

Had the Golden Kiwi at the Public House attached to AT&T park on the way home from working a game. What a great beer bar, and what a great brewery. This one was less thick and sweet than their usual fair. It came with a huge kiwi nose and then brought more standard Fieldwork/Societe/Modern Times base beer feel to it. In all, it didn't separate itself, except in the nose, which was exceptional. 

I'd been wanting to drink the G-Bot since when it was called Ghandi-Bot and it had been presented to me as one of the best IPA in all of the land. It started off really nicely with a huge tropical nose, but then I was surprised at how bitter it was. I dunno if we've taken a left turn and gone more towards bright and fresh as opposed to bitter, but it felt a little old-school in its bitterness. I didn't worry too long because the stone fruit meshed with the bitterness as a nice bridge to the bright citrus finish, but at first I was thinking something like 3.75 for this one. I bumped it to 4.25 once I had a few more sips though -- the bitterness calms, and what you are left with is a really great tropical, sweet, bitter, bright, big DIPA. Glad I have a couple more to share with friends in Chicago... provided I ever break these sweats. 

Karl Strauss Mosaic Session IPA

Just before the madness descended for real, I relaxed for a second in San Diego with my favorite Karl Strauss. There's a bit of Mosaic vegetable in there, but the fact that it's a session keeps it light and fruity. I was prepared to have three or six of them, but somehwere around three-quarters through this one, I realized something was not right and immediately switched to Emergen-C. It's been water and vitamins and Mucinex ever since, as I try to nip this damn thing in the bud. 

I wish I wasn't so sweaty.