Last Weekend's Beer, Today

Eno Sarris, July 25, 2016

Chased the toddlers around the house. Great weekend.

Fat Head's Jack Straw Pilsner
Platform New Cleveland Palesner

I really liked that Jack Straw. I would describe it as creamy and slightly nutty, which makes it different from the other new-wave Pilsners, which seem to always focus on being fresher and brighter. A nice creamy pilsner is now the old way, and also pretty hipster. Look at me, always trying to be different. 

But the new way, like this Cleveland Palesner, has already been dominated by Firestone Walker Pivo Pils. Maybe you can throw Victory Prima Pils in there. Platform's effort doesn't reach those heights. In the words of Dirk Nowitzki, you can shut it down. (And get a Pivo Pils.)

Faction The Cooler IPA
Faction Nolsen IPA
The Bruery Beret Wild Sour

Went to Faction for the first time and will write it up further, because it was a weird, great, weird location: at the end of Alameda, there was once a military base. Now it's housing, and then the left over light industrial associated with a base, so it feels abandoned. But there, with a view of downtown San Francisco, is a great brewery. Particularly if you like pale ales. The Cooler had actual mango puree mixed in, which was great for the taste, but -- funnily enough -- didn't come with any of that stone-fruit smell you get when you derive your fruitiness from the hops. 

The Nolsen was amazeballs. Really really great. Faction makes crisp IPAs, and then this one is a bit bigger than the rest, but also dry hopped with Nelson and some hops called "Dr. Rudi." Combine crisp with big and fruit, and you've got my interest piqued. It's on the Nugget Nectar / Blazing World / Alpine Nelson branch of the tree, but it's not a rye, or an amber, just a big DIPA that drinks similarly. 

Lost a close game of Ticket to Ride while sipping on a sour later on. Should've asked for more cards, it turns out in the end. But the Beret was very sour and full of raspberries and just on the outside of my top five sours. Those might read Russian River Consecration, Atrial Rubicite, Rare Barrell Ensorcelled, Drei Fonteinen Oude Gueuze, and Cantillon St. Lamvinus is some order. Okay maybe Beret is back end of the top ten. No shame. 

Faction Nolsen IPA
New England Beer Company Sea Hag IPA

Had two repeats Saturday, but the first was impressive because it came out of the same growler as Friday night's effort. I used the Growlerwerks growler, and a full review is coming, but I really enjoyed having fully carbonated cold beer out of a growler I had already opened. Maybe it's because I can't always finish a growler while I'm chasing after children. 

Faction 2-Hop Vic Secret / Centennial Pale Ale
Dogfish Head Flesh & Blood IPA

Traditional growler, drank all day as we built a sandbox and grilled. I gave it a four on the fact that there was not a thing upsetting about it, and it was easy to drink all day. It had some nice floral and citrus going on, and was tasteful without hitting you over the head with it. Really nice Sunday beer. 

Ended the weekend with a supermeh beer. DFH put lemon flesh and orange juice and whatever in Flesh & Blood and it's not half as good as beers that got their juiciness from hops. Pass.

Anything surprise you this weekend?