Beer Chat -- 7/29/16

Eno Sarris, July 29, 2016

Going to a bottle share tonight! 

One of the beers I have is this tiny can of New England Beer Company G-Bot. It's good! There will be ten people there. That's one ounce per person, plus a dribble on the chin. 

I'll abstain, but of course that doesn't solve anything. Maybe I'll just hand it to the bottle share leader, shrug, and call it a gift if it doesn't make sense to open it that night. I'll also bring some Side Project because the big box came last night, full of St. Louis beer, and maybe this growler of Narrow Gauge or one of the Urban Chestnut beers. I won't be a dick. 

But it did make me think... what are the rules of the bottle share? What is bottle share etiquette? I'm not sure I know. I haven't been to enough to know. Maybe you know? 

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