Beer Chat -- 8/5/16

Eno Sarris, August 05, 2016

I went to the store on Wednesday. I didn't know it was IPA day on Thursday. In my defense, there are a ton of official national days of whatever

But, anyway, I went to the beer store on Wednesday and somehow didn't come home with an IPA. I thought I did! I like IPAs. I have no problem with pale ales. 

I came home with some tart beers, a farmhouse, two sours, and a session. And Modern Times Blazing World. Kicking my feet back last night, I figured I'd open an IPA for IPA day at the very least, and so opened up the Blazing World. 

Oh, duh, it's a hoppy amber, not an IPA. Had to drink one of my Dogfish Head Flesh & Bloods just because it was an IPA.

I can't tell which is the most lame: me, our naming conventions, national whatever days, or this story. 

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