Last Weekend's Beer, Today

Eno Sarris, August 15, 2016

Had some friends over from close and from far away, and drank with them.


Off Color Apex Predator

What a perfect beer. It's a fruity saison, but it's not because they finagled with it a ton. Sure, they dry-hopped it with Crystal, but the yeast gave it a lot of its fruit and all of its crisp freshness. If you want to taste what America has brought to the saison style, there might not be a better beer for you.

Cantillon Vigneronne Sour
Cascade Elderberry Sour
Ninkasi Ground Control Imperial Stout
Cellarmaker Dobis Plus IPA
Cellarmaker Brett IPA
Cellarmaker Coffee & Cigarettes

I give the Vigneronne a soft mouthfeel for a white wine sour. That's what makes Cantillon so brilliant, probably, is how much body fit in their sours. The Cascade had a ton of Elderberry, was a nice dark sour, but I don't know if I'd give it as much complexity as the Vignerrone, even though I prefer those dark berry sours maybe most of all. Thanks so much to homeboy at City Beer Store for bringing by a taste. 

The yeast in the Ninkasi supposedly went to space and came back, so it was nice to drink with my dude in town from Amsterdam. There was something different about this stout. A little more bubbly, a little something cuts through the soft middle of that double stout. Dunno if it was space or whatever. 

Cellarmaker the best. Dobis is just a tick too much to be an every-down beer, but it's amazing every time I have it. The Brett IPA was maybe too much Brett and I don't have the name right, but goddamit if Coffee & Cigarettes isn't the best smoked beer if you ask me. The smoke works just like the name says it should. 

Firestone Walker Easy Jack Session IPA
Rubicon First Contact Extra Pale Ale
Ruhstaller Dixon Cascade Single Hop IPA
Kern River Just Outstanding IPA

Easy Jack every day, again and a gain. 

The Rubicon was meh, the Ruhstaller might have been nine months old so I won't rate it, but Kern River always brings it. Just Outstanding is citrus and floral and really, just, outstanding. 

Hop Dogma A-Frame IPA
Kern River Shuttle Bunny DIPA
Firestone Walker Bretta Rosé Sour

That Dogma! So much citra. I love beers that fill up the room with aroma when you open them up. A few reviews said it was too sweet, and I guess I can see that because it's full of melon on the taste too. But it's not without something to cut it -- fizzy and some bitter to balance it out. I'm a fan of this one. 

The Shuttle Bunny had none of that aroma, but for a DIPA, it also wasn't very syrupy. I chose not to buy the triple IPA from Kern River because those things are barleywines really, especially out of the bottle. The good thing about Kern River -- like Faction -- is that they never outright fuck up a beer. This one wasn't amazing -- it was crisp enough for a DIPA, some funky fruit notes -- but it wasn't bad. Not bad at all. Sucked that it was on the wall, though, and not in the fridge.

On first sip I thought the sour was too sour, but then I got used to it and there was so much raspberry and it was glorious. Maybe it was a bit sour. 

How was your weekend?