Beer Chat -- 8/17/16

Eno Sarris, August 19, 2016

I'm on vacation this week and it's exhausting of course. But that's not the only reason it's been tough to drink.

I'm in Sedona, Arizona, and that means I'm:

  1. Doing a lot of driving. I'm the dad driver and there's a ton of road here.
  2. In a desert. Technically high mesa, with some water, but still. It's dry.
  3. Not at sea level. I'm hovering around a mile up, spent time at two miles up today.

I figure these are not uncommon to the traveling fathers out there, or really to any traveler. But they aren't conducive to drinking. Altitude alone could rough you up.

Nothing like a big, long hike in dry conditions high on a mountain and that first sip of beer. It's amazing! Like one of those Big Beer commercials where you feel like you're on a rocketship made of ice flying around an ice cavern to get your beer.

I love that sip. It's sip ten where things go askew. You suddenly feel like beef jerky -- that salty forehead feeling spreads and you are leather walking. A headache borne of dehydration begins to form. All you want to do is go to bed. Your feet swell.

I know, in my brain, that the answer is water, water, water, and more water. But my brain isn't always driving this train. Especially when I'm exhausted after a full day in the Red Rocks. 

So I've had about a beer and a quarter a day while I've been here. And it's not like I've had five beers every four days -- I've left a *ton* of wounded soldiers by the bedside table as I've passed out. Sorry not sorry.

Life is good. There is no problem here. Unless we can somehow create an alcoholic beverage that does not dehydrate, this is our life as active humans. 

But wait, that would be super sweet.

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