Beer Chat -- 8/27/16

Eno Sarris, August 26, 2016

Watched a no-hitter almost happen last night. Saw almost all of that Matt Moore gem against the Dodgers. He's a decent pitcher that actually had his command last night, has always had good stuff. Played above his head a bit, but showed you how good he can be. 

Had a beer I didn't love from Modern Times -- Protocosmos. I'll write it up Monday, but it wasn't great for me. Just bitter, not enough other things to balance it out.

Modern Times is my jam, so it's not a perfect analogy there between standout beer and baseball performance. Have you been to a brewer recently where they had a few good beers but one real standout? Or how about a string of bad beers and then an amazing one? Maybe a Stillwater, or Mikkeller, or Dogfish Head, or if you live in San Diego and see Stone everywhere, Stone...

What is the corollary to the Chris Heston no-hitter? The Matt Moore? The Johan Santana, that came so late? 

A standout beer sometimes reveals the level of the beers before and after it as much as it reveals about itself, I guess. 

The Week in BeerGraphs

Donato checks a cloudy IPA against its less cloudy sibling beer.

It's not a man can, it's a pressurized growler, and I'm into it.