Beer Chat -- 9/9/16

Eno Sarris, September 09, 2016

Have you had beer in Canada? 

There are some good beers, sure. But it seems like it's against the will of the government. There's a monopoly on beer stores in Ontario -- The Beer Store is run by a conglomerate of Big Beer plus government, and until recently it was the only place to get beer in Toronto. Apparently the Wal-Mart has some okay beers now. But it's still a problem. 

You can't bring beers between provinces. New Foundland has problems of its own, that we've chronicled here. In general, the government is in the way of craft beer in Canada, and making it harder to brew it and distribute it. Bravo, you get Labatt for your troubles.

I don't mean to turn any of this on the people of Canada. On my trip here, mostly people lament the state of beer distribution and shrug and say what can you do. And maybey you can lobby the local government for change. Really, though, it should take some look south of the border to America's healthy craft beer scene, and the tax revenue it can create, for the provincial government to make a change.

It's so obvious. 

The Week in BeerGraphs

Alvarado Street and Draai Laag beer last last weekend.

The beers I recommend in baseball chats.

We ordered beer for a store together! 

West Coast vs East Coast BeerSport

Triple IPA In A Sippycup last weekend.

An addition to BeerGraphs in Toronto: Bellwoods at 12:30 tomorrow, and BeerHop at 5. 

Can any of us get the best new beers of July and August?