Beer Chat -- 9/30/16

Eno Sarris, September 30, 2016

I'm going to a wedding this weekend. 

It's my wife's sister and it will be fun and I helped buy the beer by texting furiously. We all have our ways of helping out. A bunch of Stone mixed IPA packs, a few cases of St. Archer Mosaic DIPA, some more of mixed Sculpin, some Karl Strauss Oktoberfests, Pacifico, Corona, and some Woot Stouts. Hey, it had to be at Costco because I wasn't on site. 

Actually I think one of those beers will be the best beer I've had at a wedding. 

I certainly didn't have better at my own wedding. That was a year or two before I got into craft beer, and we got married in the Yucatan, at a hacienda. We shopped at Costco, too, but we supplemented and had some really, really good Tequila at least. 

Since, I've had some Kona beers, maybe a Maui IPA, some Lagunitas, and then I think I hit a soft spot in the schedule where people were having babies or not getting married or I dunno. I can't think of a better beer I've had a wedding right now at least. Woot woot! 

I'm sure you guys can do *way* better. 

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