Tapping a Rare Cask

Eno Sarris, October 06, 2016

I've never tapped a cask before, or seen it done up close, so this was a fun thing to see Oakland pitcher Sean Doolittle do:

That alone made the enterprise worthwhile, but on top of that the event raised money for Swords to Plowshares, a charity that helps returning veterans in all facets of their lives. 

The guys at Fieldwork are mostly Athletics fans, with brewer Tweet holding team events (usually on Pride Day) at the ballpark, and evidence of the team in nooks and crannies around the brewery.

Doolittle inspected the bobblehead, and the mashtun below it. 

We talked baseball and beer all night over Galaxy Juice and Churro (from the cask) as well as a few Pulp pints (their NEIPA). Doolittle looked trim and trimmed. Me? Not so much. 

It was the first time Tweet had done a cask at Fieldwork, and though the event went well, it probably won't happen again. I don't get the feeling he likes the smooth mouthfeel and the softness of the cask. It worked with Galaxy Juice, an NEIPA-style beer that was fruity and grassy and smooth to begin with, but it almost mellowed it out a bit much. The Churro is just a weird beer -- cinnamon on the taste somehow presented itself like tequila on my nose -- and the cask didn't make it better. 

We did some good, we had some fun, and nobody was hurt. But next time, we may have to change up the beer service. Let's open a barrel, huh, Alex? 

Thanks to Nathaly Morga for the pictures.