Beer Chat -- 11/11/16

Eno Sarris, November 11, 2016

I got some fun stuff at the store, took a chance despite not understanding any of the frigging born on / enjoy by dating on any of it. Hopefully it's fresh, it was new to the store at least. 

But I didn't get a ton, and when I felt like I didn't have enough in the basket, I panicked. I was lucky that Lagunitas Born Yesterday was there for me. An easy sixer. Otherwise was going to go with Blazing World from Modern Times or Firestone Walker Easy Jack -- all things y'all have heard about. 

But it's nice to have three go-to beers right now. With all the SKUs, with all the beers crowding the shelves, having an anchor, a beer you know will be good, that feels nice. 

What are your anchor beers? Your worst-case scenarios? Your fill up the basket beers? 

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