Last Weekend's Beer, Today

Eno Sarris, November 21, 2016

Sometimes you don't make all the right choices! Sometimes you make mostly wrong choices. 

It's fine because it's just beer and the rest of the weekend was fine. Some college basketball, a good boxing match, friends, the kids... but not great beer. One or two highlights among a field of duds. 

Coronado Easy Up Pale Ale

Can't tell how fresh this is, but the nose wasn't amazing on this fruity Easy Jack esque session. I did like the tropicality, and it was easy to drink, but it wasn't quite as good as the master of the style. I guess that's not saying too much, but I guess that's also the shortcoming for Easy Up. 

Clown Shoes Presumptive Nominee IPA
To øl Mr Blue Saison

What a thick ass dank mosaic IPA! Clown Shoes is pretty good at what they do. It's not normally bright, but it's big as hell, across all styles. Like a bite into a bready nearly too-old tangerine. Maybe a bit too malty, maybe a bit too sweet to make it a great beer, this beer still gave me the desire to try another Clown Shoes, so it wasn't all bad.

I love To øl normally, but this saison was really lame. There's blueberries in it, so it's beautiful, but it taste great. It didn't taste like much. Got very little saison, just a really tiny bit of tart along with unsweet blueberry. The worst I've had from them, at least it wasn't a drain pour. Just not outstanding. 

Bike Dog Straddler IPA
The Hop Concept Tropical & Juicy IPA
Anchor Odeport IPA
Modern Times Symmetric Orchestra Sour

Another meh beer from Bike Dog, I think I'm done with them. To make things worse, I made a joke about it 'not being a radler, not being a great IPA' and so the name was apt, and then the brewery starts tweeting me about how it's not a radler at all. Yeah! I get it! But the name, so I'm doing the best I can here. Two tweets later, all I feel is awkward. If the person doesn't like your beer, you're not going to social media them into liking it. And this one was fruity and somewhat bright,  but it forgot all the mouthfeel and middle that goes into a good IPA. 

And then The Hop Concept, I usually like their beers, but they came up short on this one because they had too much mouthfeel and thickness. It was supposed to be Tropical & Juicy, or so the name implies, but drowning out the tropical was all the pine. So much pine. So dankity dankity pine. That wasn't in the name, so I guess it was the juice, but I dunno. 

Then to really round out the mediocrity of the evening, I bought an Anchor Steam beer that promised to be fruity and tropical, and where have I heard that promise before and been let down? Fool me thrice, make me want to quit buying tropical IPAs. Like the T&J from Hop Concept, this one failed because of the parts that were not tropical. You know that sweaty, dirty, dusty bitterness that is in every Anchor Steam beer? Yeah, it's in this one again. If I wanted sweaty dirt in my beers, I'd love their beers! Another brewery I can put on the Do Not Buy list permanently. 

Thank goodness for the Modern Times sour. This was apricot jam and citrus sour -- white wine and apple without being too prickly on the tongue. Thickness with a sharp finish. That's what I love out of my favorite sours, and of course Modern Times knocked it out of the park. I like almost everything they do. What a brewery.  

Prairie Regalia Belgian Ale

I love Brett saisons. This said it was one, or at least a Brett farmhouse. I got the pepper and the funk and even a little bit of tartness, which was all good. But I see why it was called a Belgian Ale, because I got that syrupy honey sweetness that turns me off of many Belgians. Too cloying. By the end, some of that went away and it was a bit fresher, weirdly. 

Mostly I chose poorly this weekend. Hope you did better!