Internet Beer Content: Beer For Your Cheatin' Heart

Josh Augustine, September 19, 2013

On a recent date in human history, this article titled "Cheating Husbands' Favorite Beer Revealed" was passively brought to my attention through social media platform Twitter. If you're too lazy to click on links as I tend to be (plus it's a stupid slideshow, and because I like you I've clicked my left mouse button five times so that you don't have to, so you'd might as well just take my word for it at this point), I'll sum it up for you:

A UK based dating-type site which connects folks who are already married to people who are not their spouses surveyed their members in order to discover the favorite beers among their disloyal ranks. The top five are as follows:

5. Budweiser
4. San Miguel Pale Pilsner
3. Peroni Nastro Azzurr
2. Corona Extra
1. Guinness

There's obviously a bias toward Europe based beers, simply due to the subjects of the survey, but that's not the point here. Upon seeing this article, I couldn't help but recall another recent thing on the internet which was brought to my attention, that being Untappd user poopbullet and his over 3000 check-ins to Guinness Draught. Those are some numbers that talk.

Now, I'm not here to to play judge, jury, and executioner when it comes to poopbullet's good name. That is far from my place in this great big frothy spinning world. All I'm saying is that if one should find oneself spending a lot of time with someone called poopbullet, it may be prudent to proceed with caution.

(And I raise my glass to extremely loyal and regal gentleman Jim The Beer Guy as well as fellow BeerGrapher Michael Donato for making this nonsense possible by mentioning things on the internet.)

Josh Augustine sometimes mentions beer and baseball in between whimsical musings on Twitter, and somewhat reliably informs the world what he's drinking on untappd.