Finding 'The One'

Jeffrey Wiser, November 06, 2013

I'm a sucker for love stories. Yeah, it's not the manliest quality on earth but it's true and I recognize it. I've had flings with a lot of beers, but there's that one, that special beer that has my heart. It's the beer that if I could only have access to one beer for the rest of my life, I'd pick time and again.

That beer for me is Deschutes' Mirror Pond Pale Ale.

Let me clarify, if I may. Mirror Pond isn't the sexiest beer in the world. It's a solid brew, though, and one that has all of the right qualities. It's widely available in the West, it's affordable, it has enough complexity to keep me interested but is still incredibly drinkable and Mirror Pond and I have shared some great experiences together. 

Mirror Pond was staple at college football games and tailgaters for my alma matter. It was something we would drink at the race track all the time. On camping trips, Mirror Pond is a must around the campfire. There have been a lot of really enjoyable, special times in my life that coincided with a Mirror Pond in my hand. 

  • Appearance: a nice orangeish amber (3.5)
  • Smell: toasted malts and hops, just what you want from a pale (3.5)
  • Taste: malts up front with some pine, hops and citrus (3)
  • Mouthfeel: a medium-light feel on the palate with a good, crisp bite of bitterness (3.5)
  • Overall: an enjoyable, balanced, tasty beer that has some nuance to it so that it's very drinkable but far from boring (3.5)

A native Oregonian, how could I not love this beer? Maybe it's destiny or fate. Maybe it's just coincidence. Either way, Mirror Pond is my ONE. We've been through so much together and it has so many good qualities that if I had to choose one beer to drink for the rest of my days, it would be Deschutes' Mirror Pond Pale Ale, no questions about it. 

But what I'm curious about is your ONE. What beer fills that void for you? Think honestly about the important qualities of a beer and the important aspects of your life. Which beer is the right fit if you had to be connected forever? Why would you choose that particular brew?

Leave a short comment and explain your choice if you have a quick second. I think the answers could be really  interesting and I'd love to know what you think!