Damn The Spotted Cows

Eno Sarris, October 15, 2013

This past Friday, I was about two weeks into a shallow cough. My 18-month old took a cold home from day care, my wife turned it into an adult version (no, not sexy time), and then I'd gloated when my intense regimen of Airborne, Emergen-C and Cold F/x seemed to have beaten the virus... So of course that shallow cough was a gentle, everyday reminder that you should never, ever gloat to your wife.

Anyway, a care package came from Minnesota, and all those beers in the fridge were practically taunting me. Every cough said no, don't do it, and every other part of me said, yes, do it. Friday night, somewhere around day 15, I got tired of clean living and reached into the fridge.

And it was awesome:

  • Lucid Silo Saison (.56 BAR)
  • Lift Bridge Farm Girl Saison (0.33 BAR)
  • New Glarus Spotted Cow (7.14 BAR)
  • Surly Furious (9.3 BAR)
  • Indeed Midnight Ryder (1.25 BAR)

I gave the saisons higher marks than the crowd, I guess, but kudos to internet friend Minnesota Nick for sending those despite the low BAR totals. The Silo had more of a wheat taste, while the Farm Girl was crisper and more citrussy. The family enjoyed the Farm Girl more, I kind of like the dirty wheat of the Silo, but both were enjoyable to me.

The Spotted Cow! My first New Glarus. Worth its own review.

Surly Furious was good, but, and this is not meant as a slight, or maybe it is: is it not Lagunitas IPA, like to the note? I challenge any Minnesotans that can get a Lagunitas IPA to a blind taste test. Tell me if you could tell the difference. But is this a bad thing? Dunno. I had Lagunitas first, and it's probably older, so you might want to give them firsties, but don't gloat about it, we know what that does. And since I like Lagunitas, it doesn't make much sense to slag on Surly about their beer.

Of course, the next morning I awoke with a tight chest. We still haven't resolved this situation, my doctor and I, and we're heading into week three. I'll never ever taunt my wife again.

New Glarus Spotted Cow

Appearance 3.5/5 I dunno what's supposed to make a beer look awesome, but I guess there was decent lacing on this one. Maybe it looked a little too much like a light beer with its golden color and decent head, but that's just what it is. It's a cream ale.

Smell 3.5/5 Lemony sweet, maybe a little corn funk. Could smell a bit like a pils.

Taste 4/5 The most important aspect of the beer is the Spotted Cow's strength. Up front you get some sort of fruit sweetness, maybe vanilla, definitely some corn. But it's not too sweet, and it quickly finishes with a crisp hops -- but not too bitter either. Very well balanced.

Mouthfeel 3/5 Left something out for me. A lot of interesting flavors up front, but an almost comic absence of flavors on the back end. Taken in a good way, that makes this more sessionable: your last taste is clean, not cloying. Taken in a bad way, the last taste in your mouth is unmemorable.

Overall 3.5/5 Makes me want to have more New Glarus. Very much so. Was told by some on twitter that this was their gateway beer, and I believe it. Give this to a Miller Lite drinker and they might understand how beers can add without subtracting. But give this to a person that loves BIG IPAs, and they might find it too mellow. My four ounces were enjoyable, though, and I want more.