This Beer is a Reward to Myself for Having Completed an Excellent BeerGraphs Post

Kyle Davis, October 30, 2013

This beer is a reward to myself for having completed an excellent BeerGraphs post. It wasn’t easy, the writing of this entry. I agonized for many hours over what to write about, and how to write it. First, I needed a great idea. Then I needed to think of and sequence a great collection of words in service of that idea. The idea did not come quickly, it came in fits and starts. Inspiration threatened and then retreated. The atmosphere charged but lightning did not strike. I drove for a while and let my mind wander. I thought about beer and other things. I found myself crossing a bridge with no recollection of the roads I had travelled to get there. I went home and did the dishes and day dreamed about fermentation. Water spilled onto the floor and my fingertips wrinkled.

Eventually, finally, I wrote and edited and published this excellent BeerGraphs post. And this beer I am drinking right now is my reward for a job well done. I am filled with a calm satisfaction for having accomplished something today, for having exercised my mind and not failed. Writing is agony, and thinking about writing is agony, but the moment after the writing stops, when there are no more words to ponder or punctuation to consider — when the page is full and the mind is empty, there is a fleeting instant of content that threatens to overtake ones entire being, it flows warmly through the body, much like the soothing affects of alcohol, before dissipating into nothingness, the sensation memorable but ultimately indescribable, the only evidence it was ever there being the inescapable void of its absence.

And so I am celebrating, now that the writing is over and the moment has arrived. It won’t last long, it never does, but I am toasting it with this beer, in hopes that it may last longer than usual, that my mind might rest a bit more. I’ll contemplate on the length of this post, not my longest piece by any stretch, but readable, unobtrusive, perhaps even economical. Each of the three paragraphs crafted with the proper amount of sentences and words, the closing tight, effective, and subtle. Enough content to present the thoughts and ideas of the post in a pleasing manner, but not so much as to delve into flowery self-indulgence. No, certainly not that. Never that.

Dale’s Pale Ale – Oskar Blues Brewing

Appearance: 3.5 / Light, clear, amber. Thin and persistent head.

Smell: 4.0 / Hoppy and piney with slight notes of citrus. Smells like the refreshing and invigorating pride of a job well done.

Taste: 3.5 / Well balanced flavors of hops, malt, citrus and caramel with a bitter finish.

Feel: 4.0 / Medium bodied with a pleasing, medium carbonation. Another very well balanced component to this beer. Finishes dry.

Overall: 3.75 / A great tasting and expertly balanced beer that inspires and encourages repeat consumption. Best to have at least two or three when celebrating satisfactory completion of tasks and responsibilities.

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