The Best of Winter Meetings

Eno Sarris, December 10, 2013

I joke that the enjoyment ven diagram for baseball and beer is a circle. If you go to a baseball game, you enjoy beer. For the most part.

But when you go the baseball winter meetings, where baseball's front offices get together with baseball's media, that idea gets thrown on its head. You're thrown into a group of people that includes baseball's producers and consumers. Do the same people that produce baseball enjoy the same beer that baseball's consumers enjoy?

The bar says no.

At the bar for the winter meetings, there are some beers prominently placed. Bud. Bud Light. Miller. Miller Light. Corona. Heineken.

It's fine. Maybe those are the best you can expect when you go to the Disney Resort in Orlando. In the land of Cigar City and Swamp Head, if you're in Disney maybe that's what you can expect.

But maybe not. Maybe, maybe if you surreptitiously ask the bartender if he has an IPA, maybe you get a special beer for those in the know. Maybe there are two of them even! And maybe, even if you get Great Divide Double IPA, you wonder if there's better there, in Florida, while you're talking to baseball people. Maybe you'll get lucky.

Florida Beer Company Swamp Ape DIPA

Appearance: 3.5 Amber and okay lacing and this wasn't the problem.

Smell: 3.5. Citrus! Hops! So far so good!

Taste: 2. Sugar. Sweet. Too much. Hops. Malt. Still hanging on.

Mouthfeel: 2. Oily. Thick. Not enough body but too much at the same time.

Overall: 3 Summit? There's some metallic, some onions, some intense bitter, and then there's the mouthfeel mellowing it out.

All is better when you're talking baseball, and the Swamp offering was better than Bud Light or the like, but was it better than Great Divide's better double IPA? And should I have gone with Patron Silver on the rocks? Doesn't matter. Baseball was talked, and all was well.

Thanks to Flickr user Matt Pasant for the header image of the Disney Swan and Dolphin.