Why Did I Do This

Eno Sarris, January 06, 2014

Why did I do this. Why did I buy a black pepper mango mead. I don't even like meads. Haven't yet, at least. Was it my inner Huxley, just wanting to make sure I didn't close a door too early. Was it the collector, I did collect a lot of crap growing up, it wasn't just baseball cards, and I have been drinking a ton of new beers over the last three years. I don't even know if this counts as another beer. Would be nice if I found a cider or a mead, if just to go gluten-free a few nights, and maybe make a good article. But mango and black pepper what. This reminds me of the time I was trying to find a German white that didn't get all sweet and there was that one dry-ass Gewuertzraminer that finally made the style work for me kind of, but maybe it was just having it with the right cheese. Does chicken soup not go with mango pepper mead maybe. Is all mead super sweet or are their drier ones. Why did I think that mango and pepper would make that one mead combination that I would like. And I don't drink a lot of Gewuertzraminer these days, so all that effort was wasted. Am I wasting my time here.

B Nektar's Necromangocon Mead

Appearance = 1/5

Looks like apple juice. No carbonation, no head, no sign that it has anything to do with beer. Could be apple juice.

Smell = 2/5

Dusty honey.

Taste = 2/5

Mouthful of liquid mango honey with a black pepper aftertaste. Somehow that was really terrible even if it sounds good.

Mouthfeel = 1/5

Syrup/honey. Not enough carbonation to break it up.

Overall = 1.5/5

I tried. I promise, I tried. I'll try again.