Beer Chat

Eno Sarris, January 17, 2014

Time to chat beer! Until we can drink it.

But this week, a little twist. Let's set up a Fantasy Beer League. We'll discuss the rules today, and then we'll implement it next week.

The main goal, I think, is to prognosticate which breweries will brew the best new beers this year. Yeah, we're looking mostly at rookie beers, but it's no fun to pick established beers. So! In some fashion, we pick breweries and get credit -- probably from the numbers on our leaderboards -- for the new beers from your picks.

Fantasy sports generally have two ways of going about picks. In one, you 'own' the brewery, so we might have a 'draft' of some sort where we all pick breweries. A snake draft, where someone gets the first pick (I pick Stone!), someone gets the second pick, and so on. Or an auction, where you have money to spend to 'buy' breweries. That works, but there are a limited amount of great craft brewers at the top of our leaderboards. Are there 12, 14, 20 great craft breweries that will turn out a world-class beer this year, with good enough distribution to give you 'ace'-like numbers for your rookies? If not, there's a big advantage for the people that get one of those elite craft brewers.

Here's another idea. From fantasy golf and racing: Tiers! So we create a number one tier, and we put a certain amount of brewers in the tier, and you get your choice of one of those breweries. And we create a few more tiers, and so you can choose, say, six breweries from the six different tiers, and hopefully we mostly have different choices by the end of the day. Then it's your six breweries against mine!

So, what do you think? See some rules you like, some you don't like? Want to go auction style, with $100 to buy five breweries? Want to snake draft, five rounds, you pick then I pick then you pick? Want to pick from tiers?

Let's do this. Because fantasy baseball has led to all sorts of people doing crazy things to scout their players for their fantasy teams. How great would it be to 'have to go to Sonoma to scout Russian River for my fantasy team?'

Best of the Week

Restaurants with no beer menu, what's up with that.

Germans caught price fixing, shoulda just gone with craft beer.

Let's do an intervention on craft beer names.

The time Beer on my Shirt went to go get some Dirtwolf in the snow.

Last year's version sucked, right?