No Beber la Cerveza

Jeffrey Wiser, June 14, 2013

One of the main advantages to living the Southwest is that you’re close to a lot of places. When I lived in the Pacific NW, there weren’t a lot of options of places to visit, especially considering that you were probably gonna be cold and rain-soaked no matter where you went. Who wants to be drenched on their vacation? No one, unless you’re fly fishing British Columbia or Alaska. That I could live with.

Back to the Southwest, my girl and I decided that we should take advantage of an upcoming three-day weekend to drive to Mexico to spend some time on the beach (amongst other things). The ocean was gloriously warm and felt like a big, salty swimming pool. The shade under the palms was just the right escape when the sun was too intense. Cool sand between your toes as you napped away the afternoon to the sound of the surf was proof that life just doesn’t get much better. Fresh shrimp tacos, fresh clams right off their beds and authentic guacamole with handmade tortillas kept our hungers satisfied.

One small problem: there was nothing to wash it down with.

If you think the water is bad Mexico, drink the beer. It’s uninspiring to say the least. Our nearest restaurant offered very little selection, with Corona as the best option. Yes, you read that right, Corona as the best option. That said, you can understand why I chose to drink straight tequila instead.

We left early on Sunday, had no delays crossing the border back into the U.S., and got back home in time to catch happy hour at our favorite restaurant. I needed a quality beer to drink as the Coronas I had in Mexico left a bad taste in my mouth, both figuratively and literally. I rolled the dice on a beer that was new to me: Coronado Brewing Company’s Orange Avenue Wit.

Given the rise in local temperatures, I thought a wit bier sounded great. Unfortunately, this beer let me down to a degree. It was better than Corona, but not by a huge margin. Here’s the skinny:

  • Appearance: the beer has a slight orange tint with a small, thin head (3)
  • Smell: it has very light scents of coriander and spice (2.5)
  • Taste: a confusing blend of coriander, yeast and light spices (2)
  • Mouthfeel: slightly hoppy on the front end, a bit of flavor in the middle and a disappointing wheat finish, too light overall (2.5)
  • Overall: a weak representation of a wit bier that lacks enough true wit qualities to be considered anything other than pedestrian (2.5)

The Orange Avenue didn’t live up to expectations, but it was a welcomed change from the beer available south of the border. I won’t order it again, that’s for sure, and I wouldn’t ever recommend it. It was nice to taste American beer again, though, even if it wasn’t the best the one.