Grubbin' at Black Bottle Brewery

Nathan Gismot, March 04, 2014

I don’t think I’ve written anything yet about Black Bottle Brewery, which is just a total damn oversight on my part.

/Sitting in corner, ashamed

(Awkward Pause)

Black Bottle Brewery, or “B Cubed” as I affectionately never call it, is a tidy little joint located in an inauspicious strip mall on the southern outskirts of Old Town Fort Collins. But while Black Bottle’s real estate situation stands in stark contrast to the mammoth, sparkling new facilities boasted by uptown peers New Belgium, O’Dell, and Fort Collins Brewery, its suds are at least as interesting and well-crafted.

And anyway, to be totally fair, the comparison to its uptown chums isn’t particularly apt; whereas each of the Big Three’s facilities function as their respective showrooms, Black Bottle feels more like your cozy, newly refurbished neighborhood pub. It’s intimate, it features other breweries’ wares in addition to its own, and -- ace in the hole -- it has a kickass little food menu.

To that end, my girlfriend and I had been to the brewery before, but not for the food. We knew about the menu, though, and found it interesting enough to solemnly place Black Bottle on our list (that every couple has) of Places We’ll Definitely Go Sometime Because It Looks Like It Could Be Good. As many of you know, the places on That List often gets kicked to the back of the line in favor of old standbys. America.

Anyway, a few Saturdays ago, we found ourselves in a go-with-the-flow, buck-the-trends, and damn-the-torpedos mindset. We visited one of the aforementioned Big Three in the afternoon, and then, just in time for the Early Bird, we figured, hey, let’s go to Black Bottle for dinner (and a couple more beers!).

I’ll cut to the chase: we wound up eating a lot of food. I’m not proud of that in and of itself, per se; but it was so tasty and so perfectly paired with the beers we ordered that all bets, and all respectable social norms, were entirely out the window. Here’s what we ate:

Chili & Cheddar Potato Waffles (Fries)

Bacon Mac & Cheese

Sliders. 1 each of Gyro, Meatball, Bacon Grilled Cheese, and Pulled Pork

Before you scoff (LOLI’veeatenmorethanthat), know that the portion sizes were ample. Very ample. And by the end of it all, I was, too.

Flemish Fury, Black Bottle Brewery


Appearance: 4.5

Smell: 3.75

Taste: 4.25

Feel: 4

Overall: 4.25



This was my first go-round with Flemish Fury, a Black Bottle saison. I’ve been on a saison mini-jag over the past few months; and while I’m still novice in the category, I’m experienced enough to have been justified in my surprise when our server set it on the table. For one thing, it’s very dark (see pic above). Its taste is its other distinguishing feature, as it has a strong berry (elder? boisen?) overtone to complement a crisp feel. It was very surprising and enjoyable, and a great pairing with the cheesy, bacony carnage I described above.

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