Catching a Ride, Letting Go

Eno Sarris, March 03, 2014

This weekend, I headed to the dripping desert in Arizona for a fantasy baseball auction. With me, I lugged some craft beer for the afterparty. I did not make reservations for a rental car.

That meant that I was at the mercy of my friends when it came to transportation. They were gratious. I even managed to get to a game early enough to interview a few players. I got most of my stuff done. I got to the auction and to the after party and home again. All without massive taxi bills. No complaints here.

Well, I didn't get to the beer store. So the five beer bottles I brought with me were all the craft beer I had for the after party.

I did my best to dole out the beer in four-ounce sippers. Did my best to get people tastes. It didn't work out completely -- some felt shorted -- but what was I to do. I was not in complete control of my destiny. I was car-less.

Still, the tastes were fun:

The Yuzu pale is a brett IPA with yuzu, which softens the peppery harshness of the brett and the citrus hops a bit. A really great beer that we've talked about before. The 75 minute IPA from Dogfish Head is perhaps my goldilocks beer from that brewery -- not too weak, not too strong, just enough maple syrup and just enough hops. That's a top top beer in my world. The Oude Kriek was just another excellent cherry sour from an excellent brewery. The Damnation was a restrained coriander Belgian, probably should have had that first. But we picked the right beer to finish with: hop/malt/sweet bomb Casey Jones doesn't fare incredibly well in our stats, but it's a difficult style. And it's an enjoyable beer. Perhaps more people need to try it.

So maybe I had to have a couple Stella Artois to end the night. And maybe I could have made another game if I had brought a car. But you know? Sometimes it's fun just to trust that you've prepared well enough, that you have enough on you to have fun, and that your friends will take care of you.

Stochasticity Project: Grapefruit Slam IPA

Appearance = 4/5

Light honey body, big bold white head, and generous lacing.

Smell = 3/5

Stick your face in a grapefruit.

Taste = 3/5

Eat a grapefruit peal with your beer. It's all hop punch and citrus fizz.

Feel = 4/5

Full body, bright citrussy finish.

Overall = 3/5

This is a beer worth trying, but mostly because it goes too far. Grapefruit is a thing we like in our beers, I guess, but this is too far. Others have reported more nuanced tastes, but all I got was hops hops grapefruit hops grapefruit hops grapefruit. And none of the hops were the fruit newcomers like Galaxy or Nelson. They were citrussy hops. So... basically this beer is all citrus. I doubt this (not-so random) project will go full-time, even though it's fun that Stone pushed the envelope on how much citrus we could handle.