Embracing the Random

Jeffrey Wiser, July 15, 2013

One of the best parts of life is the random. Honestly, one of the things I’ve learned throughout my short existence on this earth is that the random is powerful. It can destroy the best-laid plans within the blink of an eye. One such occasion of randomness happened to me just such the other day.

You see, the random can come in the form of tragedy, but it can also come in the form of unexpected triumph. One such case in point, my girl was out of town for work and I had a meeting in a part of town that I don’t often travel to. On my way home, with an evening free of plans looming on the horizon, I decided to stop in at a new bar for a brew on their patio. The weather was a little hot but otherwise excellent, so a cold beer outside sounded great.

I ordered an old stand-by from the bartender that was apparently still new at his job based on my wait time. Well, he grabbed a glass, pulled the tap and it blew foam all over the place. Option 1: denied. This forced me to re-evaluate my plan and I started looking a little more closely at the remaining options.

Lo and behold, I noticed something unexpected: the random. As a guy that grew up in the Northwest, I’ve drank my share of Deschutes beers. So imagine my surprise to see something new by them on tap in front of me. Introducing the Deschutes River Ale. I ordered one of them as soon as I realized the opportunity that had been laid in front of me and it didn’t disappoint. The beer is designed for sipping on a warm day along the river or, as my present situation dictated, on the patio feeling the warm breeze. While I absolutely love the boldness and flavor of most of Deschutes’ beers, the River Ale is a tamer brew that profiles as a blonde ale, resulting in something that is incredibly refreshing and drinkable even for the pedestrian microbrew consumer.

  • Appearance: deep amber, light foam head (4)
  • Smell: limited scent, some malty notes (3)
  • Taste: some hops, lots of citrus notes (4.5)
  • Mouthfeel: light, smooth, a little hop but not too much, finishes relatively clean (4)
  • Overall: very refreshing, goes down smooth, perfect warm weather ale (4.5)

With the consistent heat in the Southwest, the River Ale will be a new go-to for me. I completely stumbled upon it randomly and I wouldn’t have known it existed without a strange set of circumstances leading to its discovery. I can’t tell you how psyched I am to have found it and I’ve begun to share it with my friends. We recently threw a few back during a local fishing excursion and my good friend was pleasantly surprised. 

The random is powerful and it should be embraced. You never know just what it might bring your way.