Beer Chat -- 3/21/14

Eno Sarris, March 21, 2014

Would be awesome if every bottle had a born-on date on it, wouldn't it? Or at least some sort of "sell-by date" like milk.

Hope your beer is heavy with anticipation of the spring (and the weekend)!

The past week:

We listed your fantasy beer league teams. Hit me up at eno@beergraphs is you don't see your team. It means I didn't get a team name or a donation from you!

Parade day!

An ode to a malt, and a beer recipe.

I brought my co-workers beer.

Craft beer entitlement!

And also a big thanks to Blake Smith for the beer release roundups as always.

What beers are you thinking about having soon? What beers might you 'enjoy after' some cellaring? What beer is in your fridge?