The Short-Lived Rebirth of Irresponsible Thursdays

Alex Fossi, June 14, 2013

I went bowling yesterday. Well, I went to a bowling alley, at least. This particular bowling alley permits you to bring in beer, so while some of us bowled, others of us sat back, drank beer, and heckled. In my opinion, that was the better approach, but I’m not here to judge.

Now, this would have been an excellent Friday night, except for one thing -- it wasn’t Friday. It wasn’t even Saturday. No, we went out drinking and bowling on a Thursday. A few years ago, this wouldn’t have been a problem; the younger me could laugh off a weekday hangover, kicking it to the curb with a cup of coffee, an egg sandwich, and a longer-than-usual morning bathroom break.

It probably didn’t hurt that I mostly drank Yuengling or similar then, and it’s tough to drink so many Yuenglings that one suffers a hangover (well, okay, maybe not that tough). On this occasion, though, I had a growler of Round Guys’ Double IPA, which goes by the name ‘Bout Dam Time.

I had planned to share this with others, and technically, I gave one glass away, so I suppose you could say that I shared it. Truthfully, though, I drank just about all of it alone. Today, I’m feeling a way that I haven’t felt at work in quite a while. My friends and I used to celebrate what we called “Irresponsible Thursdays," because ... it’s okay to drink too much if you give it a jokey moniker, I guess? Logic wasn’t really our strong suit.

Since then, though, we’ve all grown up a bit, and as a result, we’re no longer suffering from weekly weekday hangovers at work. This makes my present hangover all the worse, because I’ve forgotten all my work hangover tricks. I used to save up tasks that I knew I could do hungover, and then I’d be able to stay busy while avoiding any heavy lifting of the literal sort. No such luck this time -- I’ve been putting off assembling these Ikea desks all week, and now it’s got to happen today. Blergh. I didn’t even manage to bring myself a good hungover lunch -- it’s salad, pita, and hummus for me today. Maybe I’ll hit Chipotle. Were we smarter about this when we were younger?

Moving on from the self-pitying section of the post, I have to say that I was quite impressed with ‘Bout Dam Time. I don’t often try beers that I know zero things about, but this was a double IPA (my favorite!) from a brewery not far from where I live (my general preference, all things being equal!), so I gave it a shot. As I poured it, I observed that it poured very cloudy with a thick white head.

Additionally, I observed the bowling alley’s proprietor giving me a look that suggested that he did not entirely approve of pouring glasses of beer from growlers, BYO policy be damned. After a brief internal debate, I judged the beer to be more deserving of my attention than the proprietor. Luckily, he was then distracted by a backed-up bowling ball return machine (is there a name for that other than bowling ball return machine? It seems like there should be) and I was left to enjoy my beer in peace.

It’s exceptionally hoppy, and one could say that it positively explodes with citrus notes, if one was prone to overstating things. In a more literal sense, the overwhelming flavor is a clean grapefruit taste with a strong bitter finish. Some might be a bit put off by the heavy bitterness, but I quite enjoyed it. As it goes down, it goes from citrus to some maltier notes with a touch of sweetness, and then there’s a great lingering aftertaste. It comes in at a hefty 8.2% ABV, but it doesn’t have the strong bite that some higher ABV beers have -- really, I was surprised at how easily it went down.

Sadly, a strong beer that goes down easy is a recipe for a difficult morning, so now I sit here filled with regret, miserable and dehydrated. Probably could have used a shower this morning, too, but when you hit snooze until four minutes before you have to leave, that’s not an option. Present suffering aside, I’m looking forward to sampling more of Round Guys’ wares, but maybe this time I’ll save it for the weekend.

Round Guys ‘Bout Dam Time DIPA

Appearance: Cloudy amber with thick, bubbly white head, minimal lacing.  3.4/5

Smell: Relatively light citrusy and malty aroma.  3.6/5

Taste: Lots of hops. Lots of grapefruit. Bitter aftertaste, lingers for a while in a most delicious way.  4.5/5

Mouthfeel: More carbonated than most, which I’m not sure is a positive here.  Still, it’s a tasty, thick (some might say “chewy”) beer. 3.1/5

Overall: Perfectly enjoyable and great flavor, but didn’t quite hit the mark in a couple areas.  Very interested to try some other offerings from the brewery.  3.8/5