Beer Chat -- 5/9/14

Eno Sarris, May 09, 2014

I'm writing this before the meetup because of course I am. And if you couldn't make it, a) shame on you, 2) there will be more. More in SF, because I live near here, and more elsewhere. There's been some interest in Philly. I'll be doing one around the all-star break in Minneapolis (Monday, July 14?) and in Chicago (Thursday, July 17?). And all it takes is some energy and multiple people and you've got a meetup.

So grab a summer shandy, and join... nah I can't do it with a straight face.

The week in BeerGraphs:

Hops as baby names of course. (Wife vetoed the specifics but not the idea.)

Monkeys, fish, and shooting them.

Gelatinous Womb review, sort of.

SafeCo Beer Review.

The Hottest Brewery of April (a sort-of fantasy update.)