Beer Chat -- 6/19/14

Eno Sarris, June 20, 2014

Kinda want to drink the BeerGraphs Top 100. I can go through the top ten before I hit one I haven't had, though, so it'll take some time. pseudo Sue where are you? Double Sunshine before a double rainbow, I'm sure. Let's drink Gandhi-Bot while doing the robot. Sounds like a fun waste of time, and an excuse to go to the East Coast. ("It's work, honey, work.")

I think Hill Farmstead is the place I'd like to go most. Especially since I could hit Lawson's Finest on the way, and maybe buy some Maine while I'm on the road. I'd be hitting quite the trifecta. 

What brewery calls to you most? 

The Week in BeerGraphs:

Fenway Park Ballpark Beer Review.

I'm not sure there are actually beer seasons, not in our mouths.

Let's check in with Ben's hops vines.

Beer releases, ROUND UP! 

Beer on My Shirt goes to the outer banks and needs your help.