Beer Chat -- 6/26/14

Eno Sarris, June 27, 2014

Just talked with the five brewers that started Clandestine Brewing in San Jose, and there will be a piece about it soon. I'll focus on the obstacles they've overcome and the things they bring to the table, but one of the overwhelming points of wisdom from the group was: do it. Do it now. Do it quickly. Do it. 

I think that's a powerful takeaway, considering I was asking them to divulge things that had stood in their way. They focused on what went wrong and still thought the time was now, particularly in the parts of the world that are not yet saturated with good local craft brews. 

Since BeerGraphs was our little Do It moment, I agree. And thank you for coming along for the ride. We're talking BeerFests and tools and all that we can to make your work lives more unproductive, and if you'd like to take part in any way, let us know (eno @ 

Meanwhile, a big week at BeerGraphs: 

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