Beer Chat -- 9/5/14

Eno Sarris, September 05, 2014

The second-best thing about long weekends is that next week is shorter?

Don't normally drink coffee beers much because I'm paranoid about caffeine (still have a Surly Coffee Bender in the fridge from this summer's Midwest Beermageddon), but I've had two in the last week that were... remarkable. I don't care how that sounds like I'm stroking my chin hairs.

Cellarmaker's Coffee and Cigarettes was one of the few smoked beers I've liked. Smelled exactly like coffee and cigarettes, tasted like a nice thick beer with notes of both but not in an unpleasant way. I should write more words about it except the name is perfect. (They were the original C&G beer, from what I can tell, in case you care.) 

Hennepin Fresh Pots coffee saison smelled like fresh roasted beans and then drank like a subtle saison with a little extra dank (looked yellow!). Kinda perfect.

I'll have the Bender this weekend just because of the precedent set here.

What beer group haven't you tried much of for whatever reason? Maybe you should try a couple of the better ones of that style too, luck spreads like that right? 

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