A Statement Overheard While Drinking Alone at the Mall

J. R. Shirt, July 25, 2013

Once, while at a shopping mall, I stopped into Rock Bottom Restaurant and Brewery. I was alone. I had their IPA. It had a strong nose, good up front hop and malt balance, but finished weak.


While drinking the IPA, alone, I could not help but overhear a rather loud conversation between two men at a nearby table. And then one man said to the other “Turns out, I'd been listening to the wrong dub step.”


Ladies and Gentleman, we have achieved rock bottom.


Two Guys Overheard While Drinking Alone, Rock Bottom Restaurant and Brewery


appearance = 4/5

They certainly looked normal enough.


smell = ?/5

Not sure, they weren't that close.


taste = 1.5/5

Clearly their taste, at least in certain regards, is questionable.


mouthfeel = 0/5

Not even sure what to say here.


Overall = 2/5

Mildly amusing, but overall I'd rather drink alone, in silence, with the lights out.