Beer Chat - 9/19/14

Eno Sarris, September 19, 2014

We don't often talk about the bad stuff we drink. It's not polite. And with IPAs, the rankings do a decent job separating the wheat from the chaffe. 

But with sours? The average sour gets about four stars. By the time you pay the dosh to get the sour -- and it's not unfair to price them highly, it takes a barrel and some time to even get to a sour -- you've convinced yourself the beer is worth the time, cost, and energy it took to acquire.

A few brewers have come out recently and talked some crap on available sours recently ("salad dressing"), and that made me curious, though. The dark side needs a little light. 

What is a bad sour you've had recently? We had the BeerSport battle between Cascade Strawberry and Alamanac Strawberry Dogpatch recently, and the classic Cuvee de Jacobins versus the Monk's Cafe Flemish sour. Both times, the crowd seemed to like both beers (except one or two participants, who didn't care for the lot.)  

I had an inkling during the strawberry battle: perhaps Cascade isn't worth the price. I've got a Sang Royal from them for the weekend, I'll keep my mind open. But I'm unsure if I'd give four stars to another Cascade sour. We'll see. 

You? Have you had a sour you'd put in your book as an 'avoid' in the future?

It can't be an unassailable style. That doesn't exist... right? 

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