Drinking With Drinking With Shirt

Michael Donato, October 03, 2014

What follows is a journal of my experiences and thoughts drinking along with the Drinking With Shirt Podcast, Episode 7, Oktoberfest. You can read it as a guide to drink along to the podcast. You can read it as a review of the podcast. You can read it as it's own standalone Beersport. You can read it as the ridiculous ramblings of one guy listening to a podcast of three people drinking. Just read it.

0:01 Intro! Yay!

Should I have poured my beers already? probably. 

Ooooh, surprise brother!

1:30 Okay, I shouldn’t have poured the beer. Can I sip them yet? Is that cheating?

1:50 Getting loose.

PS: Did they not get to the "Two beers enter, one beer wins" line? That's the best part.

2:50 T-Bone and Shirt don’t care for this style. I happen to love this style. I think it’s a great gateway style to craft beer. Fall is definitely the best season, despite what you’ll hear here. Mostly for Harvest Ales. 

4:30 “Pause to get beers” shoot. I did this already. come on. Let’s get to beer.

4:45 “Great Lakes has the blue tape” oh! that would be wise. I rubbed tomato sauce on the Hacker-Pschorr glass.

5:15 Spoiler alerts about the relative rankings of these beers. Both are near the top for their country, for what it’s worth. But Augustiner is the gold standard of the Munich 6. 

6:45 Mention that I am the one that Recommended doing the Oktoberfest podcast of which I'm now listening to, and writing a post about listening to. If this isn’t meta enough for you, you clearly don’t understand the internet.

7:30 Magneto IS a good example.

7:51 My first pause to attend to wife and newborn. New parents apparently don’t have a free hour to listen to a podcast and drink beer uninterrupting. Rookie mistake.  

8:00 Appearance
Yes, Hacker is darker. I’d say a significant hue towards brown and my glasses are identical. I’d agree that it holds head better. I’ll tilt Hacker-Pschorr as the winner too.

9:45  SMELL
Hacker is maltier. You definitely smell the sweet malt come through, whereas the Great Lakes is a little crisper smelling. Less roastier malts, which accounts for the color as well. so, Hacker-Pschorr wins again. 

11:30 Can I freaking drink these yet? Come on!

12:15 All three Shirt brothers have been to the Great Lakes brewery? I haven’t. I’ve been to Munich for Oktoberfest though, so there.

13:00 I think their voices are enough different that I can differentiate them. But let’s see once they’ve started drinking. 

15:00 Oktoberfest discussion.  They ARE lagers. And yes, they are brewed to the Reinheitsgebot four-ingredient German purity law. I wish they had asked T-bone to spell that. They’re the Marzen style because they’re brewed in March and lager, or age, throughout the summer until late September. 

17:20 Tasting finally.
Great Lakes. It’s a happy taste. Light sweet caramel taste. It’s almost a cloying sweetness on the finish. There isn’t, by design, much hop bitterness, and all that comes on the initial taste. It’s an earthy crispness fading to a soft caramel sweetness.

Hacker - This one tastes more German to me, which I guess means I’m biased. Maltier, almost a raisin flavor coming through in the sweetness. The sweetness doesn’t cloy the same way as the Great Lakes. Get a little tingle with a full sip on this one. This is just better. It’s more balanced. 

19:35 Talking Points!  About Shirt’s 3Floyds post. T-Bone mentions how J.R. left out the atmosphere of the place. I wouldn’t know. It’s on my list though.

20:00 Wife has left the room. The daughter is sleeping. Will she wake and cause me to have to pause again? time will tell.

22:00 They’re still rambling about that 3Floyds post. It’s fine. I just saw Brandon Crawford hit a grand slam for the Giants. I think I’m pulling for the Pirates though. 

23:20 Teaser for next ‘in Chicago’ post about T-bone sleepwalking. I’m excited.

24:50 Cost discussion. Oktoberfest usually are on the cheaper side. Hops are expensive and these have fewer so it’s understandable.

25:15 All three of them like the Great Lakes for taste. Well, they’re wrong. I like the balance and the maltiness of the Hacker. The Great Lakes lingers too much imo. 

26:50 Discussion of other Oktoberfests. I happen to like both Brooklyn and Sam Adams as very good American versions. I also like Flying Fish Oktoberfish, and Blue Point’s isn’t bad either. But Augustiner, please come to America. 

This is a good time for an aside. I homebrewed an Oktoberfest for my wedding and gave it away as favors. Fun times.

29:00 Talking about this German Beer aficionado cashier. It feels like import beers have this strange cult following (says the guy who has raved about Augustiner Oktoberfest all podcast). Guinness is another example. 

31:15 I’m drinking the Great Lakes solely right now so that I can finish the Hacker un-interrupted. It’s funny, because I bought a six-pack of the Great Lakes, and have had two already, and enjoyed both of them immensely. It’s only in contrast with the Hacker that I’m having problems with it.  

31:45 Feel
It’s weird, the ‘wax candle’ feel they’re talking about with the Hacker is what I’m experiencing with the Great Lakes. It’s got a cloying aftertaste that I don’t dig. My vote’s for Hacker here.

33:30 Talking about trips to Europe and soccer hooligans. I definitely saw fans of.. whatever team is in Munich, something Bayern, drunk on the Munich subway at 10am when I was there. I’d like to say they were headed home, but I’m pretty sure they were headed to Oktoberfest with me. 

35:30 Concern of whether or not Josh Augustine made it home from Chicago okay. I’m currently discussing this, on Twitter, with Shirt and Josh while listening to this podcast. Again, Meta. Internet. Enjoy it. Cheers Josh. 

37:20 Overall
Clearly, my choice is Hacker-Pschorr and it’s not even close. Clean sweep. They all like Great Lakes. Again, they’re wrong. Is my 1/8th German heritage influencing me genetically? I’m still really surprised that I borderline don’t care for the Great Lakes while having it next to the Hacker, but alone I love it.

42:20 Tally-counting
More tallies for Hacker-Pschorr, 8-7. More discussion about how taste should have the most weight. Probably. But Hacker still wins.  The Science of Noetics. This is going over my head. 

45:00 --get looooooose----

I’ve already had two beers on a weeknight. I can’t have a surprise beer, nor can Shirt magically provide me with the one he picked. Oddly, he’s talking about Ayinger Oktoberfest, which I actually did buy. I have about eight oktoberfests in my fridge that I want to have friends over to do a massive Oktoberfest tasting. this might not be a great idea though. The top Ayinger Beer is the SURPRISE BEER, and it’s the Celebrator. 

47:45 I’ve actually had the Ayinger Celebrator. It has a plastic goat figurine attached to it and is a bock. I drank it at Virgil’s in Time Square. Pretty terrific BBQ place for what it’s worth. It was okay, but I’m not bummed that I’m not drinking it right now. I do enjoy the very audible clacking of the beer caps onto the table as they open them. and the clinking of bottles WOO! The sounds of beer.

51:00 Do these guys not pour whole beers? I’m still only about 75% through the second one. Do I drink slowly? I don’t think so.. 

58:00 Discussion of the celebrator’s taste. I won’t pretend to remember what it tastes like since I haven’t had it in like seven years,

58:45 Wordsport.
Not really, but some talk about peripheral. Overly complex? sure. “Things on the edge”? yeah, I'm down with that definition. Periphallus? What? Is this like the wallflowers in a porn movie? Oh, Fight Club reference. I’m down. Did you know they’re making another? cool.

1:02:30 I just finished my last sip of Hacker-Pschorr. Good stuff, and better timing. We’re done!

1:03:25 Epilogue. Was that the first bleeped out curse of the episode? now THAT is impressive.

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