Beer Chat -- 10/3/14

Eno Sarris, October 03, 2014

Trying to work on an idea. Maybe y'all with more homebrewing experience can help. 

The idea is this: A Malt Battle. A BeerGraphs Malt Battle. 

We set the hops -- two kinds, with a limit on how much the brewers can use. And then the brewers tell me what malt they used, in what percentages. It gets the brewers to the table because we give them data about malts. It gets the drinkers to the table because they like to drink. It gets us to the table because we get some data. It gets the bar to the table because they like to have people drink at their bar. 

What's iffy about this is getting biggish brewers on board, given that they have to brew in a small batch. I also have to make the rules super easy. And timing is important. 

What say you, loyal BeerGraphs readers? How might you tweak this? What hops? How much? What words should I use to convince the interested parties? The bar is on board, the smaller brewers I think we can get. But how do we blow this up? 

Also, thanks for sticking around and sorry for the outage. We're getting bigger, it seems. 

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