Beer Chat -- 10/10/14

Eno Sarris, October 10, 2014

BeerGraphs HQ added a new recruit this week, although maybe I shouldn't make that joke because little dude is approximately 21 years away from his legal drinking age. Doesn't matter. Some day he'll pimp the black and white proudly. 

At some point in the sleep-deprived fugue that is even a planned c-section birth, I did think of beer actually. As in, which beer should I use to celebrate when I finally get out of this frigging hospital. 

There was the classic in my fridge at home. Enjoy By. The easy way out. The one I *knew* would be good. The one that would carry ample weight, both in alcohol and anticipation, to stand up to the occasion. 

There was the unknown in my fridge at home, Duchessic. An Italian sour that was half Italian saison, half Cantillon Lambic. A beer that I knew I would like half of, coming on the heels of the worst sour I'd ever had (an Italian sour named Caos). A beer that cost more and came in a bottle resembling champagne. But also a beer that might not be any good. 

The easy answer -- the one I ended up choosing -- was both.

But even then you could wonder which comes first. Do I take the stronger taste in smaller quantity first? ABV says to take the sour first too. And so I did -- if I had a thimbleful of Bourbon County Stout and a bomber of dirty Pils, I'd take the stout first anyway. It's just a little taste, a spit into the wind, when you compare the volumes. 

Anyway, thanks to the BeerGraphs team for keeping the site humming as we added another child to our family. Even if we couldn't sneak Sauvin into his name.

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