Beer Chat -- 10/16/14

Eno Sarris, October 17, 2014

It's too late for me now. My two week old is going to wake me up a couple times tonight, and my two year old will wake me up in the morning. My stories are filed, I'm a little riled up, but it's too late for me to celebrate the Giants winning the NLCS even though some part of me wants to drink beer, too. 

Well, not the beer that I'm soaked in. 

We've talked about celebration beer, but we were talking about the kind of beer drinking we do, when we drink craft beers and calmly and fondly think of whatever we are celebrating. But sports brings this other sort of celebration, the one where you grab madly for the person next to you and shake them. And shake your beer. And jump up and down. And spill your beer. And don't think about the hops bill. 

So, this was the perfect beer for the occasion, if awkwardly color-coded in the color of the enemy that night. Spill it. Drink five at once. Embrace the world as it is now.



Budweiser, perfect for that moment. 

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