Beer Chat -- 11/21/14

Eno Sarris, November 21, 2014

Daycare is a cesspool. Little dude just heads in there and comes back with snot running out of his nose like a leaky faucet. It's disgusting.

I wasn't born with a good constitution. I get sick easily and it turns into nasty things easily. So I've become a big baby, and at the sign of anything I douse my insides with vitamin c and ginger and water and generally avoid exertion and cold weather. Good thing I live in California. 

Long story short, I took a week off of drinking and just returned last night -- with a Sensi Harvest and a Resin. I'm so glad I broke myself in with the Harvest. 4.8% tasted just right on the way back and the Resin would have been too much right away. It did occur to me that you have try a little harder with 'sessions.' In a world where your average Imp Stout blows you away with heavy artillery, and DIPAs have turned to TIPAS, sessions require your attention. You can't expect it to turn the knobs up to eleven. 

So I liked Sensi Harvest better than Resin, so sue me. It's not *because* it was a smaller beer. It was because, once I looked past the guns blazing dankness of that golden Resin, it didn't have the same tastes as the Sensi. Not as much fruitiness, not as much complexity, not as much length of taste. If you give the Sensi some time -- and attention -- I posit that there's more there. It's just not as loud. 

Either that, or I was just coming off a sickness having my first beer and happy that it was easy going. 

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