Beer Chat -- 12/5/14

Eno Sarris, December 05, 2014

I haven't done a lot of brewing. I tried a few times and it wasn't great. I may try again when I have more time, I love cooking, and there's a lot of creativity in brewing. But here's why I don't do it now:

1) It's hard.
Dude, it takes forever. You have to spend money, and block out three or so hours of time. You have to clean! You have to clean before you start. You have to clean while you're brewing. You have to clean when you're done. There's usually an hour or so when you can just chill and watch the thing boil, but even then... it takes a long time and I got kids.

2) I'm not good. 
I like good beer. I don't like bad beer. So far, I make bad beer. 

Huh. I thought this list would be longer when I started this. 

But! I know many people who have brewed at home and now brew for money. And I have had their beers from their garages and I have loved them. So if any of you want to write about the science of brewing, I'd love to have you here. You'd fit right in. 

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