A Slow Descent Into San Diego It Went

Eno Sarris, December 10, 2014

It started slowly.

Societe The Jackaroo
Societe The Pupil
You get two tasters of the lighter stuff because your boss is there. One is southern hemisphere hops so you have something smart to talk about. The other is a top-ten IPA and you tell everyone to drink it. There's a long day left. You have more to drink. All is well and the day is bright. 

Societe The Pugilist
Societe The Butcher
So now things get darker, but only by beer. You're talking well and all is well. The first dark beer is light and airy and less that 5% alcohol by volume. The other is nice and dark and beautiful and things are coming to a close, a least the things you have to do, and you have a ride, so all is well. Dark, chocolatey, but easy to drink well. Nothing is garbled.

Stone Liberty Station Spiced Unicorn Milk
AleSmth 394 Pale Ale
New Belgium / Alpine Super India Pale Ale
Avery Dugan IPA 
Stone Master of Disguise
So now things are falling apart. You try to tell the lady you run a beer site and so you know what you're talking about but she says you should start with the Chai stout first. And then you have the chai stout and all you can talk about is the chai. Well maybe she was right, you think, after you have the Tony Gwynn 394 Pale Ale, and you're sorry that the whole dip conversation started, especially that bit about drinking the spitter and how the dude peeked at the catcher, that wasn't cool even if it was true. And maybe you said something about a beer being half good and half bad, and maybe you pointed out that Avery has the strongest beers, like, ever, but people liked that because it was about beer and stats. But then right before you leave someone gives you a taste of a beer that looks like lager that tastes like a stout and you are speechless for a second and everyone is happy you stopped talking.

Pizza Port Obehave IPA
Pizza Port Bacon & Eggs Imperial Porter
By the time you end up in Ocean Beach, you're happy that food is on the way. You get a big dank IPA and you're also happy that people are drinking Pliny the Elder and they're happy that you got them Pliny the Elder on tap and so everyone is happy. Your beer gets too dank by the time you decide to have crispy ass wings and they eat pizza and you get breakfast for dinner and it's all about coffee and chocolate and depth and you try your best to nod and say yes and I love you and sure that seems reasonable. 

Bagby Beer Dork Squad
Okay so you thought you wouldn't get crazy but by this point you're yelling a lot and you're on the beach but at least your shoes are on. You have no concept of where you are, really, and still your volume is not right. Someone has brought some excellent beer by the former brewer at Pizza Port, and it's really all so San Diego. I mean this guy won awards with Pizza Port and you're on the beach and this is his new beer and it's great and the only problem is that you're yelling. And also you have no idea what you're talking about. 

It ended with more than one yell and some bangs.