Beer Chat -- 10/12/14

Eno Sarris, December 12, 2014

I wonder if there's any craft beer fatigue syndrome, or at least the potential for it here in San Diego. I rolled my eyes at a bar for having Stone IPA on tap just a couple days ago. I had some decent beers that I gave bad scores to because they didn't hold up at all. I had a really interesting beer -- Hop Wine from Rip Current, a quadruple IPA with 15.7% ABV -- and didn't finish it because someone offered me some Alpine Hoppy Birthday and then there was a bottle of Cascade Sang Royale on the table. 

I went into Toronados last night to get a credit cared I'd left there ... AND DIDN'T GET A BEER WHILE I WAS THERE. 

(Okay that last one was more liver fatigue than any sort of craft beer fatigue.)

Maybe tomorrow I'll wake up and start trying to figure out a way to sneak away from the family and pick up some bottles at AleSmith (actually that sounds like a decent idea right now), but I wonder if you've ever felt that moment, when, surrounded by riches, your eyes glazed over, if just for a minute. 

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