Beer Chat -- 12/19/14

Eno Sarris, December 19, 2014

Baseball's teams are trading everyone for everyone, and I'm finishing up a couple beer trades myself. One thing that might get underrated is the role of trust in trading in both cases. 

In beer, it's obvious. You send more than a hundred bucks of liquid into the air and have no idea if it'll come down in the right place in the right shape. And that then you hope that person will successfully complete all those steps in the same successful manner. And that then hope again that the two bundles of beer have the same approximate value. So that you two people *might* try to do it again. 

In baseball, you might think two executives could manage a civil conversation about a few players in their respective organizations in the grand effort to better their own teams. But I bet it works the same way. Without a track record with the other guy, maybe you have fewer conversations, fewer text messages. Your early offers get rebuffed without a follow-up. You probably don't call that team when the trade goes three-way, you don't want to hop in a three-way with some rando. Think of all the leaks!

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