Beer Chat -- 1/16/15

Eno Sarris, January 16, 2015

Having just completed a couple trades, I've got trading on the brain. Especially that awkward dance that fills email chains and threatens to create hidden resentment between two people that have to forge an online friendship and trust each other to send hundreds of dollars of beer into the ether without a guarantee of return. I have no idea if the trades I finished were equitable, except that nobody seems to angry at me, so maybe it was okay. 

What if there was a tool that could help us. Sure, forums do the trick to an extent... but what about a stat-based tool? What if you could input what you're sending out, and you could input what's coming in, and you could get a table with certain stats that would help you decide how to tinker with the trade?

That's actually not too difficult for us to do. The only question is, what sort of stats would you want to see? 

I figure it's something like total ounces, BAR, BAR/oz, average Style+... maybe with an optional field for price, which could then fill in BAR/$. Dunno if location information would help, but why not. 

(A side benefit might be the ability to use this to compare two bars, eh?)

Anyway, if you have the inclination, dream on it with us. Tell us what you might like to see. 

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