Beer Chat -- 1/23/15

Eno Sarris, January 23, 2015

Someone asked me if I had two months beer storage stocked up for emergency's sake in my last baseball chat. They said economists recommended that. I said I had maybe two weeks, and that really only works if I start drinking the gluten free stuff at the back of the fridge that I don't want to drink. In terms of cellared beers, I have the new Firestone Walker XVIII and a coffee stout I traded for back there, and the rest are odds and ends I've collected but not finished. 

I got an Abyss this year and -- even though I'd had a cellared Abyss before and it was the beer that got the second-most from cellaring that I'd ever had (BCBS was first) -- there was no chance in heck I was going to have the restraint to cellar it. 

Maybe if I bought two of every cellar-able beer, I could cellar more beers. I have the space. But if I bought two of every big beer that might do well by cellaring, I'd be cashed out quickly. In the words of the immortal Kurupt, I'd always be broke. 

So, can you do it? Can you buy one of a big beer you want, and then slowly, as if struggling with your second personality, put that beer in the other fridge for a full year-plus, never to be thought of until you magically walk downstairs and remember what's in there? 

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