Beer Chat -- 1/30/15

Eno Sarris, January 30, 2015

Two bouts of sickness have forced me into fallow mode. I haven't been to the beer store in a couple weeks, and I've only managed to have a few great beers in between colds. I blame day care. And my sons. But mostly day care.

But this means that I've taken January easy by accident, like many of you out there have done on purpose. I'll have to look at the consumption by month, but I'm guessing January is the least active period. Maybe we all get embarassed by what we did on New Year's Eve. Maybe it's a New Year's resolution thing. Maybe the breweries just need time to ramp up into the Beer Weeks that are coming. 

In any case, a storm is coming. There's Strong Beer Month in February, and then SF Beer Week. New York Beer Week. Every City Beer Week. Tis the season for drinking once you clean out the dust balls in your liver over January. (Personally I would have taken the shorter month off, but that's just me.) 

And so BeerGraphs would love to hear from you and your community about their Beer Week shenanigans. Talk to brewers, to breweries, to bartenders, to beer drinkers, and report back. Any form of reportage would be super interesting to us. I promise I'll even check my eno @ beergraphs email more often. We may even be able to cover some expenses, or get you in as journalist representing our website. We're growing.

And here, today, let's talk about what we are most excited to drink, even if we can't drink. I get asked that in chats -- I've taken January off and what should I drink February first. So, what would you drink if you'd taken the month off? I've got this Firestone Walker XVIII and Enjoy By staring at me right now....

Thanks for reading! 

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