Beer Chat -- 2/13/15

Eno Sarris, February 13, 2015

Oh hey, before I forget, Bay Area people -- I did get another hall pass to get out to Sour Sunday at the Rose and Crown in Palo Alto on Sunday. Would love to see you there if you can make it. It's right off the caltrain in Palo Alto, and they usually have great sours. 

Otherwise, I haven't been doing Beer Week like Jen Rizzo -- you should see her schedule, she's been ON IT. Maybe when my second child is almost two, I'll be able to jet out the house a few times one week, but right now, I just know I'm leaving my wife with so much work, it's just not fair.

The Opening Gala was great, and I had my Pliny the Younger and my Drake's Hopocalypse and well maybe it wasn't a great idea to start with Younger but I just knew the lines would get nutty. Untappd was a mess, of course, and so I started taking notes after it ran out bandwidth. Including my first untappd checkins, here are my checkins in the best order I can manage, with my notes at the end. 

Russian River Pliny the Younger TIPA 4 stars
"I shouldn't have started with this for so many reasons but I couldn't help myself.
- Joe R: Only 4*? What happened
- Eno: just thick-fingered it lol"

The Rare Barrel Ensorcelled Sour 5 stars
"Giddamn rasberry jam dark sour" 

Sante Adairius and Cellarmaker I See A Dankness DIPA 4.5 stars
"Sante adarius with cellarmaker smooth deep dank fruity smell wonderful"

Headlands Brewing Hill 88 DIPA 3.5 stars
"Reminds me of a cellarmaker dank fruity"

Drake's Hopocalypse (Black Label) TIPA 4 stars
"So dank the hops are closing down around me"

Almanac Valley of the Hearts Delight Sour 4.5 stars
"All of it"

Almanac Don't Call it Frisco DIPA 4 stars
"Don't forget almanac also makes great dipas"

Faction Hop Soup DIPA 4 stars
"Mouthfeel hops So thick"
"thick mouth deep not a ton of bubbles fruity dank faction"

Drake's Brewing Scarlet O'Bretta Flanders Red 4 stars

Altamont Scarcity Triple IPA 
"can't taste the alcohol but falling apart early"

Knee Deep Simtra Bomb 
"strong so hoppy knee deep"

High Water Campfire Stout
"smells like roasting mashes mealies"

Hen House Osyter Stout
"not campfire more ocean salty briny"

So there you have it. #Analysis. 

The beer was so amazing, it just converged around four stars and I didn't know what to do with myself. So I just grinned and tried to take (admittedly terrible) notes. At least I got a good interview or two in before the dankness descended. 

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