Beer Chat -- 2/27/15

Eno Sarris, February 27, 2015

So about this Blood Orange Gose from Anderson Valley. It's weird, I don't normally get hung up in what is or isn't a beer, but this one stretches it for me. I mean I expect some sort of mouthfeel and thickness, and more savory than sweet, or at least a balance between sweet and non-sweet flavors. I expect the feeling of grains thickened into a beverage that is not water, is not bubbly soda, is not like anything other beverage on the shelves at my local store. 

The Blood Orange Gose is not really any of those things. 

In fact, it tastes almost exactly like San Pellegrino's Blood Orange soda, just a little muted, maybe with a little more salt, and of course alcohol. It doesn't really have much in common with any other beer I have had. Even other goses are not usually as sweet, even the sweet ones! It's very enjoyable, but it has something in common with sodas and flavored seltzer waters. It does!

This was all too much for my wife, who says yeah, fine, but I want a beer please. Maybe on Tuesday nights, I'm super happy to have the gose around and will drink em while I pass her an IPA.

But the weekend approaches.

I want a beer please.

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