An Alternate Plan for St. Patrick's Day

Rodney Knox, March 17, 2015

I wanted to post about some beers from our latest party – think birthday, St. Patrick’s Day, and a bottle share, all rolled into one party -- because it could serve as an alternate idea for whatever single-beer themed party you might have coming today or later this week. Bottle shares aren't anything new, but at this party, we managed to bring in themese of St. Patrick's day without being offensive, boring, or one-noted. 

Here are some of our summaries from the party. Check out the tables and pictures to see tasting notes, ABV, and availability of each of the beers we had at our multi-use botttle share party. 

Serendipity, Sip of Sunshine, and the Oude Geuze are all world-class beers, in their respective styles, and they each highlight a different style in the craft beer world. We have included the BAR for each beer in the table to show where each beer ranks in accordance to the style.  

If you prefer sour candy, or natural cheeses, you might enjoy the Geuze. If you prefer eating grapefruits, or love the juiciness of tropical fruits, you could enjoy the Sip of Sunshine. If you prefer red wine, or berry jams, you might dig the Serendipity.  

At a bottle share you can try a variety of different beers, and while you might not like one, or most of them, you should be able to find something that appeals to you and its helps one to keep an open mind about learning new styles.  You never know what styles you might like, so be open with your tastings.

The great thing about craft beer, in general, is that there are so many styles and you should be able to find something that suits your taste buds – be open to tasting different styles, you never know what you will end up liking.  If you still need help, let us know, and we can certainly point you in the right direction.

Beer/Brewery Style Quick Note ABV Level of Obtainability/Best Time to Enjoy BAR
Conway’s Irish/ Great Lakes Brewing, Ohio Red Ale Great malt background with a smooth finish. Recommend finding this one over more traditional Irish Red Ales, such as Smethwick’s. 6.50% Easy in distribution area, especially right now. Spring Seasonal. 4.6
Serendipity/New Glarus, Wisconsin Fruit Beer World class in its style. Fruit flavors that pop from the first sip to the last. Great for the beginning craft beer drinker due to the contrast of sweetness and bitterness from each drink. 4.00% Easy to find in Wisconsin, no distribution anywhere else. Put in your fridge and enjoy on a warm Spring or Summer night. 10.09
Sip of Sunshine/Lawson’s Finest Liquids, Connecticut/Vermont India Pale Ale The vast amount of hops in IPA’s might intimidate some craft beer drinkers but this has a juicy fruit sweetness that balances the beer well. Outstanding 8.00% Difficult. East Coast only. As with all IPA’s, if you find this, drink it quickly. 10.95
Mirth/BuckleDown, Lyons Illinois Belgian Pale Ale Easy drinking light beer that has a lot of citrus, think of a lemon, and nice floral attributes from the Belgian yeast. 4.60% Easy, if you live in Chicago Suburbs. No can/bottle distribution, but the brewery has this beer on tap and for growler fills on a regular basis. 0.32
Oude Geuze/3 Fonteinen, Belgium Geuze Joanna succinctly stated on our Instagram page – the smell/taste for this beer is ‘skunkoak.’ Yes, that is a combination of skunk and oak, but it’s intentional. There is a tartness that plays well with the mustiness from the skunk 6.00% Very difficult. If you live in Belgium, it might be easy to find. I found this one on a website that sells craft beers, but you can also find it occasionally at great craft beer liquor stores. Pick one up; it will age nicely for many years. 5.02
Guinness and Harp/Ireland Irish Dry Stout/Lager or combined as a black and tan I figured since I had the leftover beers from the party, I would try my hand at making a black and tan. The second attempt was much better than the first, but I think I like Guinness, by itself, better. 4.2% Guinness 4.5% Harp Extremely easy nationwide. Enjoy in the month of March. 9.74

Why go to a bar with one green beer when you can go to a friend's house with many great beers?

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