Beer Chat -- 3/20/15

Eno Sarris, March 20, 2015

It's March Madness, but it's over so quickly for some. Like Harris King, who writes for us. Not to put salt in the wounds, but his beloved Wofford came within three points of their first tourney victory last night, and though it was fun while it lasted, I'm sure he was a little mad when it ended.

You'll hear it said about October in baseball too -- only one team comes out satisfied in the end. But it's magnified in March, when fans of 64 teams have a brief glimmer of hope, and it all rests on one game. It's a crazy time. 

We didn't manage to get a beer bracket done in time, you'll see them around, but it has much of the same problems our fantasy beer league had -- how do you determine a winner? How do you mimic that three-hour roller coaster that is an NCAA tourney game? 

I guess the answer is, you don't. You can't come close. It's beer and that's sports. 

But if we did do a bracket? What would it look like? Do we have enough users, on twitter perhaps, to vote for each side? Are there 64 great beers that would inspire enough twitter energy to get good samples on each side of each vote? Are we really going to "RT IF YOU LIKE HOPSLAM FAV IF YOU LIKE HEADY TOPPER?"

I dunno. I like the idea, but it needs more juice, more details. Just as we need our data to be ironclad and more full-fledged before we run another fantasy league (or for the scope to be smaller, and the beers included to be bigger beers with better samples), we need to come up with a good, simple way to adjudicate a beer battle (other than BeerSport, which doesn't work here because we can't kill Shirt). 


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